Digby Fire delivers Santa in style

The Digby Fire Department once again made sure Santa made it to the Digby Christmas tree lighting and home again.

“It’s a heavy responsibility,” said Santa. “Every kid in town, young and old, is counting on me to show up so I have to plan my travel very carefully.”

“The challenge isn’t getting me to the tree lighting,” said Santa. “It’s all the cookies I eat at the Heritage Centre afterwards.”

Santa has a magical digestion that allows him, on Christmas Eve especially, to eat tons and tons of cookies without changing his outward appearance.

“But I definitely get heavier,” he says.

DC-03122015-santa-JR-2Normally Santa uses magic to power the reindeer sleigh and compensate for the weight gain. The whole herd of reindeer however isn’t ready for sled-pulling until later in December – which is why Santa always asks DFD to help him out for the Christmas Tree lighting .

“I can make it to the tree lighting okay on one reindeer,” he said. “But I have to plan ahead for getting home from the party.”

DFD and Santa Claus would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season and remind the public to take a lesson from Santa Claus.

“Christmas is a time for getting together with family and eating cookies,” he said. “But you have to eat cookies responsibly. If you over-indulge, don’t drive. Plan ahead and get home safe.”


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